ALS and IoT

Active Learning Spaces seem like things of the future, but then you have to remember we are in the future. These types of classrooms are places that students can go to learn how to operate in a space that they will eventually be a part of. P.B. Garrett talks about this innovation in this Educause […]

OER, Pedagogy, and Technology

Open educational resource (OER) is a resource that is open to anyone who wants to use it.  It can cost a minute amount of money or, in most cases, is completely free! This is a huge draw for educators, OER being highly cost-effective when the amount of money a teacher is putting out of pocket is […]

Group 1 – Blog Leader Post

This week we looked at Digital Badges for class and I realized that I have been seeing digital badges for some time now and not even realizing it. Morgan stated, “Duolingo is an app that helps you learn different languages. The more you practice and the more you succeed, the more badges you get to […]

Digital Badge of Honor

Before even fully knowing what digital badges were I had it in my head that it could be something that you could get just by doing tasks, such as a boy or girl scout would. I remember when my little brother was in boy scouts, he would earn badges for tasks he would perform, things […]

Personalized, Adaptive

I was substituting for regular population students and then long-term substituting for a behavioral inclusion classroom before I took a job in a special education classroom. I was able to see the different types of teaching as well as learning styles that were present in each. Each type of students that I have worked with […]